About the Designer

About the Designer

A native Californian, Ian Patrick grew up in the tree-lined suburbs of Whittier with its Arts & Crafts bungalows, Spanish Revival haciendas, Victorian cottages and Mid-Century ranches. Always fascinated with history and antiquity, he became enamored with the charm, craftsmanship, and stories that the old houses could tell.

Ian parlayed his appreciation for history into a degree in Art History from the University of California, where he graduated Cum Laude. While in college, he began designing the homes of friends and family, discovering an avenue he had never considered, but one which seemed to fit. Working closely with diverse clients, even those as familiar as his own family, Ian found that the unique characteristics of the individual were a great source of inspiration, and became the driving force behind his designs. After realizing his passion, Ian continued his studies through the UCLA Architectural Interior Design Program, where he graduated in 2008.

Ian has created a namesake interior design firm, Ian Patrick Interiors, specializing in Residential and Commercial Design that focuses on the unique personal history of each client. Ian believes that the home must tell the story of its owner, the Interiors evolving over time, becoming a backdrop for their lives. The creation of an Interior should be a journey; a process that merges the individuality of the client with the designers’ ability to interpret their wants and needs. The results of this collaborative relationship culminate in living spaces that are personal, functional, and timeless.

Ian Patrick Interiors started making its mark in Los Angeles in 2007 with the completion of several interior projects at the Greystone Showhouse in Beverly Hills. Through association with UCLA, and the City of Beverly Hills, Ian and a small cadre of select designers restored, refurbished and redecorated 3,500 square feet of living space, untouched since the Doheny family occupied it. Dating from the late 1920’s, the Historic Estate had gradually fallen into disrepair through years of neglect. Inspired, Ian and his colleagues set to bringing the house back from the dead. Original floors were stripped and refinished, light fixtures were cleaned and rewired, walls were repainted, moldings and original hardware replaced, and decades of grime swept away, revealing the sparkling jewel of the 2007 Showhouse.

Ian Patrick and his colleagues were given honor and recognition at the Opening Night Gala for their contributions to preservation and restoration efforts from the City of Beverly Hills and UCLA.

Ian Patrick has also begun captivating audiences with his lectures on Design Fundamentals, Art History, Personalities, as well as his published articles on Design. Topics include design trends, color therapy, “green” environmental design, and period home restoration.