Friends and Favorites

Friends and Favorites

Christopher Smith Photography
My new favorite photographer. A wonderful guy, a talented photographer, and easy to work with.

Beth Sullivan, Web & Graphic Design
My fabulous web designer and a dream to work with. 

L.A. Conservancy
Their walking tours are the best, and their efforts to raise awareness on preservation issues are remarkable.

Adamson House
A Malibu treasure that continues to wow me every time. The Holiday evening tours are something I look forward to every year.

Charles Phoenix
If you haven’t been to one of his shows or gone on one of his tours, what have you been doing with your spare time?!  A mad genius with a fetish for nostalgic kitsch, his slide shows have a cult following.

Jay Strongwater
A brilliant designer who makes masses of little thing you never knew you needed. Incredible detail and quality make these heirlooms of tomorrow.

John Derian
I never knew I liked decoupage until I saw John Derian’s work, it’s absolutely brilliant. And his New York store is out of this world.

Douglas Little
One of the Neo Victorians that I tend to prattle on about. His candles are ludicrously decadent; the fragrance, the packaging, the names, all of it a joy to behold.

Len Greco, Decorative Artist
One of the nicest guys you will ever meet, and his talent is utterly remarkable.

Alan Silverstein Painting
The go to guy for the perfect paint job.

The Velvet Garden
The most remarkable floral designers I have ever worked with. Beautiful presentations and unique combinations and textures make their arrangements unmistakable.

William J. Mann
A brilliant writer, his Biographies on Hollywood icons are the best that I have read.

Lara Boyko, Travel and Real Estate Agent
Great prices and very accommodating on travel arrangements. Lara is also a licensed Real Estate agent who is very knowledgeable. 

Ray Burch, ERA Realty
A great agent who will give you the positives and negatives of any potential purchase and has the patience of Job.

Ron Teixeira, Remax Palos Verdes
One of the South Bay’s top Realtors.

Bella Fiore Flowers
A great little florist.

Neu Home Care
Great organic neutral pH home care products, perfect for all the Greenies out there, and for anyone who has allergies.

Fantasy Frostings
Insanely good cakes for all occasions. I have used them several times for special events, and not only are they beautifully decorated, but they taste great too.

Meltdown etc.
Like most people, I feel that one of the ultimate culinary experiences comes from a really good grilled cheese sandwich. I have found such an experience, and I plan to discover it several times over.

Campo de’ Fiori
For some of the most beautiful and old world-style handmade pottery, Campo de’ Fiori is unmatched.

Roger’s Gardens
An Orange Country institution, Rogers Gardens is one of my favorite garden centers. I make a pilgrimage whenever my garden is looking a little lost. It is definitely worth the trip down.

Barefoot Restaurant
I was introduced to Barefoot by a very dear friend. It’s a wonderful little place for Brunch on the weekends and a quick lunch during the workday.

Salt Creek Grille
Salt Creek Grille has become one of my new favorites. Their goat cheese and pear salad is delicious, and they make incredible hamburgers.